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This place is paradise. I might even stay for the whole disco. I've got some good moves. But I can't do the caterpillar" - Page Boy circa 2016

I found it difficult to sum up what I love most about wedding photography, until a six-year-old page boy well and truly summed it up for me.

Weddings are bits of paradise, full of such an infectious joy that by the end of the day, my cheeks are aching from the oversized smile I can't control. I feel so privileged to be invited to capture those moments which will be cherished for a lifetime (and then some...).

I believe in photography which makes it into photo albums and on the walls.

Memories which you can touch, capturing small moments which move you more than the big moments that you plan for. The moments which tell a story - and I always have been a story-teller.

As a child I wrote imaginary tales. As a student I was further encouraged to do so, and as a creative writing graduate and fully fledged adult (probably...), I learnt just how important telling stories could be. It was after all this that I discovered how photography could tell these stories, too.

Your wedding will be one of the most important stories you have to tell - and my oh my would I love to tell it!

Through my photography, I want you to be able to feel everything you felt on that special day - that day that you poured your heart and soul into - time and time again. I want to be the person you trust to retell your love story.

Please, take a look around my site - explore my gallery - and if you'd like to talk about your wedding with me, do get in touch. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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